Exploring the underwater world by diving is one of the most fascinating travel experiences. But you should be aware of the potential harm you can do to the fragile marine wildlife. So how to be a responsible diver?



1. Never touch wild marine animals.

Touching animals destroys their slimy mucous coating that protects them against infections and helps to deter predators.


2. Keep a distance to marine creatures.

If you get too close or chase a marine animal, you can cause them stress and affect their behavior.


3. Don't feed the marine creatures. 🐟

Feeding fish may cause a lot of harm and even make them aggressive.


4. Keep neutral buoyancy.


It is extremely important to keep neutral buoyancy and a proper body position when diving, to avoid bumping into the coral reef. A small broken piece of coral may take years to recover.


5. Be careful with your equipment.

Make sure all your equipment is tucked in properly, so that you don't cause any harm to fragile coral reefs.


6. Respect sensitive areas. 🦐

Coral reefs, turtle nesting beaches, bird nesting areas, and seagrass beds are considered sensitive areas. You should never beach the oat or drop an anchors in these areas., as this can be massively destructive.


7. Don't collect animals from the sea. 🐚

You should never collect marine creatures - alive or dead - as souvenirs. This leaves other animals without their food sources. Even dead organism are an important part of the marine eco-system.

8. Use reef-safe sunscreen.


Common sunscreens contain toxic chemicals that cause coral bleaching and destroy the marine life. Make sure to use eco-friendly skin products every time you get into the water.


9. Keep educating yourself. 

Make some research on the local marine environment every time you are going to dive. When you know what you are seeing, your experience gets more interesting and you become more responsible.


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