Myth #1. There are sharks in the ocean and they eat divers.


In fact, except in certain conditions and environments, sharks don't even come close when divers get in the water. And they definitely don't make a habit of munching on divers.


Myth #2. You have to buy a ton of gear just to learn


Scuba diving does have a lot to do with special equipment, but there are only three basic items you need to buy to start your lessons: a mask, a snorkel and a pair of fins. These items need to fit well for you, so they are worth buying, rather than loaning.


All the other diving gear can be easily rented. Besides, many dive packages already include all the necessary equipment.


Myth #3. Diving is only for people who live in the tropics


Almost anywhere in the world, where there’s water, you will likely find a good dive site. Lakes, rivers, quarries, flooded mineshafts might become great options.


Myth #4. Diving will make your ears hurt


It might actually hurt your ears, but you can prevent this by equalizing the pressure in your ears, as you descend. This is among the first things you will learn in scuba lessons: pinch your nose and blow gently against your nostrils, and you will feel relief soon.


Myth #5: Snorkeling is just as good as scuba diving


Don’t get it wrong, snorkeling is great. But if you compare the sea with a football pitch, snorkeling is rather like watching a football game, while diving is actually getting in. You can call it an advanced level of exploring the underwater world.

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