For many divers, Mexico is a favorite diving destination. Its beautiful beaches, stunning scenery and unparalleled dive sites make this place incredible.


What are the best diving spots in the Riviera Maya? Here is our list of top 8 dive sites:


1. Palancar (Cozumel) 


This dive site is one of the best in the region. It ranges from very shallow to very deep and is covered in sea life.


2. Paso del Cedral (Cozumel)


Cedar Pass Reef is one of Cozumel's most colorful reefs. It's full of swim-throughs, under-cuts and hidden areas where you can often find large green and spotted eels. Turtles are also commonly seen here.


3. Cenote Dos Ojos


Dos Ojos is one of the most famous cenotes in Mexico. Its crystal clear waters, deep and shallow areas, as well as incredible geology and nature make Dos Ojos a perfect place for diving.


4. Sabalos (Playa del Carmen)


This reef is famous for its healthy hard and soft corals of all variations. Here, you can find many kinds of fish, including Starfish on the sand. There is also a small cavern you can explore. 


5. Shipwreck C-56 (Puerto Morelos)


The former mine sweeper C-56 Juan Escutiaone is of the most interesting wrecks of the Riviera Maya. In fact, she was sunk on purpose to attract sea life and coral in 2000. During the winter season, you can see eagle rays cruise around the wreck.  This is an advanced site, only for experienced divers.


6. Cenote Sac Actun


Sac Actun is one of the most beautiful cenotes in Riviera Maya and it's the longest flooded cave in the world. The cavern dive is impressive and very shallow. Only certified cave divers can dive in Sac Actun, as it requires excellent buoyancy skills to avoid damage of the fragile formations.



7. Mama Vina (Playa del Carmen)


Mama Vina (Viña) is an old crab boat that was intentionally sunk in 1995. Since then, it has created an artificial reef, which makes it one of the top dive sites in Riviera Maya. 


8. Devil's Throat (Cozumel)


Devil's Throat is an underwater cave formation near the island of Cozumel. It is one of the best dives inn Cozumel, though it can be dangerous for non-experienced divers. 

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