The reefs surrounding the Caribbean islands are some of the most beautiful sights in the region. These are large areas comprised of many different types of corals growing together.


Coral growth is crucial to the health of a reef ecosystem. Areas that have suffered from coral bleaching and destructive fishing practices have become devoid of almost any living creatures. This affects not only life in the sea as well as on land. 

Here are 5 of various coral species commonly found in the Caribbean Sea.


🌊 Gorgonian Fan


Also known as sea fan, this coral species is composed of many long, flat tendrils which may twine together to form what looks like a fan, giving the species its name. The sea fan can be red, yellow, or purple in color.


🌊 Finger Coral


The branches of this species, which are usually about one foot long, clump together, making the ends of the ‘fingers’ of the species look slightly clubbed. The tips are white in color, while the body has a slightly purple color.


🌊 Staghorn Coral


It is another beautiful Caribbean species. Staghorns can be found in amazing range of colors, including green, orange, yellow, pink, purple, brown or blue.


🌊 Star Coral


The central area of the star coral is brown and extremely hard, to protect against predators. However, along these brown areas are small rises that are white and star shaped, giving the species a truly elegant appearance.


🌊 Brain Coral


The brain coral, is one of the most common Caribbean species. The species can grow to the amazing size of four feet in diameter.

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