The cenotes found in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula have attracted people for thousands of years.
Diving in the wrecks of the Caribbean is an incredible experience, with a huge historical and archaeological interest.
The reefs surrounding the Caribbean islands are some of the most beautiful sights in the region.
What are the best diving spots in the Riviera Maya? Here is our list of top 8 dive sites.
Scuba diving is an amazing activity that helps you learn more about the ocean, the world, and your own self.
Myth #1. There are sharks in the ocean and they eat divers. In fact, except in certain conditions and environments, sharks don't even come close when divers get in the water. And they definitely don't make a habit of munching on divers. Myth #2. You have to buy a ton of gear just to learn Scuba diving does have a lot to do with special equipment, but there are only three basic items you need to buy to start your lessons: a mask, a snorkel and a pair of fins. These items need to fit well for...
Exploring the underwater world by diving is one of the most fascinating travel experiences. But you should be aware of the potential harm you can do to the fragile marine wildlife. So how to be a responsible diver?

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